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Because each experience should be as unique as the person partaking in it

Individuality is the essence of an experience to remember, and at the heart of the experience is the individual who creates the memories. For each unique personality there is an ideal day, and behind each different ideal day there lies a vast combination of luxurious moments of perfection that ultimately come together to make up a treasure chest of dreams.
At Paris Escape we understand that no two people share the same idea of the perfect day, and thus we offer completely customized programs in order to shape your French experience according to your vision. Remaining faithful to our mission of creating original and enriching lifestyle concepts, the escapes we create for you delve into your deepest desires to produce activities and events that are authentic, exotic and original, reflecting both your own individuality and that of France for an experience you will never forget. Whether you are alone or in a group, wish to explore the heritage of the country through meetings with great masters, prefer to indulge in sport and adventure, or rather pamper yourself in luxury and relaxation, we make it our priority to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy their perfect day just as they envision it, and we take great pride in being able to make your holiday dreams - no matter how big – a reality.

Our Guarantees

- The know-how of a highly qualified and motivated professional team ;
- Assurance of a personalized service with precise and impeccable service ;
- Constant monitoring of your project and the availability of our staff for all your requests.