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Luxury can be bought, but a life well lived is priceless. Paris Escape, the private lifestyle agency of Spark Services, believes in both, and has thus found a way to masterfully interweave luxury and life experience for a creative events concept that goes beyond the ordinary into the realm of extraordinary. Our forte transcends luxury because luxury implies material and we deal in dreams. Explore the Paris of your dreams - secret and singular, regal and refined, mystical and memorable. Our mission is to create an experience that is exceptional and unforgettable, to lead you to the magic of France, discovering the hidden treasures and the luxuries that lie in its heritage as well as in its opulence.

Our Offer

At the heart of it all, Paris Escape creates lifestyle concepts, offering the highest level of personalized travel, transport and entertainment-related services that go beyond the surface to show a secret side of Paris that tourists are rarely privy to. We will open up doors to a secret world, permitting exclusive access to legendary locations and mythic monument and memorable meetings with icons of exemplary talent, so you can see a different side of Paris – intimate and luxurious, and a secret piece that is yours to cherish forever.
Our offers are customized to suit your every need and desire, ensuring an experience that is sure to delight and the peace of mind of knowing your arrangements will be handled in an efficient and professional manner.

Our Team

Our International staff, all fluent in English, is dedicated to fulfilling your every need. The “Sparkies” will organize everything according to your tastes and desires. From the simplest request to the most unusual and obscure demand, they will not rest until they find a solution for what best suits you. Understanding the difficulties of foreign travel, we do our best to alleviate any potential problems that may arise, standing in as the ultimate local assistant.