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Luxury Behind the Scenes

Exclusive and Unusual Activities on the Road Less Travelled The Louvre lingers, the Eiffel Towers twinkles and while the rest wait and watch in awe the city bears secrets that make it magical and mystical and Paris. Cobblestones crack and in them seeps mystery and every gate has a golden keyed keeper of fortune untold. Explore the hidden (...)

Art de Vivre

The Luxury of French Culture and Lifestyle Heritage and history, determination and sophistication, the French have acquired that certain je ne sais quoi from a lineage of savoir faire, and imitation is the highest form of flattery because breathing alone is not living, for living is in fact an art – l’art de vivre, where every day and every (...)

Gastronomy & Wine

Wine, Dine, Sample and Sip in Style Bacchus is alive and well and he dances and sings and cajoles with fellow feasters in France where food and wine transcend simple sustenance and allow your hedonistic tendencies to flourish in unapologetic glory. In the country long celebrated for one of the finest cuisines in the world, where the kitchen (...)

Private Shopping

Best of Buying, From Fashion to Food The city sings with the color of creativity and style turns every corner with a baguette and a beret and it is chic and glamorous and singularly French. The golden avenues and unassuming alleys flaunt jewels and sartorial gems that make Paris shine brighter and the sidewalks seem like catwalks because (...)

Beauty & Well-being

Total Treatment - Mind, Body and Soul We primp and prod and fuss and muss and the stress never ends and this is the luxury of life, and leaving it behind is even more luxurious when we crawl into a world that is our own and we are treated like the temples that we are and worshipped as wonders that are beautiful and natural and free. In a (...)

Outside Paris

Elegant Escapades Away from the City of Light Despite the splendor of the city, luscious landscapes and regal rewards lie just beyond the limits and out of sight but within reach for an escape to beauty and wide open space in another time and another place. Step away from the familiar realms of the cityscape and enter the world that goes (...)