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The Luxury of French Culture and Lifestyle

Heritage and history, determination and sophistication, the French have acquired that certain je ne sais quoi from a lineage of savoir faire, and imitation is the highest form of flattery because breathing alone is not living, for living is in fact an art – l’art de vivre, where every day and every action is a testament to creation, beauty and a grace of which we should always be aware.
Delve into the world of exquisite French heritage to discover how they do that thing they do so well, unearthing secret addresses guarding refined timeless crafts and exploring the inimitable arts and trades that make the French culture one of the richest in the world.

Experiencing “Art de Vivre”

- Cast your culinary skills to the heat with an impressionable meeting and private cooking course with a master Michelin Star Chef.
- Explore your inner aristocrat with a private course on French etiquette and the art of the table.
- Discover the secrets and the sumptuousness of the golden craft of couture in the fashion capital of the world as you visit artisan ateliers for today’s Haute Couture creations and the exclusive salons where the collections lie in delicious repose.
- Behold your Bacchanalian revelry, for all that is fine in France is celebrated and one such thing is wine and spirits, so explore its wonder and learn its glory with a Master Sommelier to guide you in an exclusive tasting to toast and appreciate its refinement.
- Satiate your sense of smell as you plunge into the olfactory universe with a memorable meeting with one of the most renowned contemporary “Noses” in the perfume industry and discover the secrets of the creation of scent.
- Savor sweet flavor and tantalize your tastebuds with a private visit to learn the ins and outs of production and taste the wonders of top-quality chocolate at one of the most renowned names in the French chocolate industry.
- Go behind the scenes and back in time with an expert in antiques and art who will skillfully guide you to the very best of a world past but not forgotten.

And More…