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Total Treatment - Mind, Body and Soul

We primp and prod and fuss and muss and the stress never ends and this is the luxury of life, and leaving it behind is even more luxurious when we crawl into a world that is our own and we are treated like the temples that we are and worshipped as wonders that are beautiful and natural and free.
In a world that rushes around and time never seems to slow down, take a moment for yourself to learn from masters on the subjects of beauty and well-being in order to treat yourself right. Having mastered the course on natural beauty and the art of living well, explore the all-encompassing world of French bien-être and live anew, enlightened, or at least refreshed to take the day by the hand and embrace Paris alive and beautiful.

Experiencing “Beauty & Well-Being”

- Exact your energy and balance your life with the ancient art of Feng Shui to find peace and harmony through the redecoration of your home or work.
- Perfect your mastery of makeup with a private consultation at one of the most elite studios in the industry, covering makeup 101 and acquiring the personal tools to work your own makeup magic.
- Discover the secrets behind making your own all-natural beauty products from a renowned industry professional in the organic market, creating your own products from start to finish.
- Balance your body and soul and stretch yourself to the limits through the ancient art of yoga, learning to unwind and center yourself through private or group instruction with our internationally trained instructor, available for various styles and levels.
- Unwind without ever leaving the privacy of your own home or hotel with our personal masseur trained in Ayurvedic massage that comes right to your door.

And More…