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Exclusive and Unusual Activities on the Road Less Travelled

The Louvre lingers, the Eiffel Towers twinkles and while the rest wait and watch in awe the city bears secrets that make it magical and mystical and Paris. Cobblestones crack and in them seeps mystery and every gate has a golden keyed keeper of fortune untold.
Explore the hidden secrets of Paris on the paths tourists naught often tread, where the ordinary makes way for the extraordinary and novelty lives behind the scenes for a Parisian experience that is authentic and unique. Maneuver the sacred streets discovering the luxury and history where art and time are one, beholding beauty and making memories for a lifetime, like a picture perfect postcard that you will find nowhere else.

Experiencing “Private & Behind the Scenes”

- Delve into the history of the renowned Place Vendôme with a private tour of its landmarks and visit to a famous jeweler for an ultimate lesson in luxury.
- Explore the world of fashion according to a mythical icon – Chanel – visiting her historical hotspots and artisan ateliers that still today perfect their craft for the Haute Couture house according to the legend.
- Follow the footsteps of the wartime literati and be taken back in time to Paris when it sizzled and the greatest intellectuals of our era ate, drank, played and wrote among us in these secret streets, cafés and rooms.
- Discover typical Paris with a visit to the largest wholesale fresh produce market in the world, viewing firsthand the source of all of the gastronomical wonders that make France the culinary capital of the world.
- Visit Versailles, the most celebrated Château in history, with a private tour of the magnificent gardens by the personal groundskeeper followed by a chance to refine your own airs to noble status with a private course on French Etiquette and Art of the Table.
- Party at the French National Police Force Firing Range with 20 of your closest friends! An unforgettable cocktail party with a bang – everyone gets 25 rounds in the shooting gallery followed by a VIP champagne and hors d’oeuvres reception.
- The taste of Paris has never been so sweet as when you get to sample the different flavors on a walking gourmet tasting tour enjoying the highest quality products with savory, sweet and beverages customized to your desires – cheese, foie gras, caviar, truffles, macaroons, chocolate, tea, coffee, wine, champagne…

And More…