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Elegant Escapades Away from the City of Light

Despite the splendor of the city, luscious landscapes and regal rewards lie just beyond the limits and out of sight but within reach for an escape to beauty and wide open space in another time and another place.
Step away from the familiar realms of the cityscape and enter the world that goes beyond breathtaking where royalty laid and artists played, all within a matter of no more than a couple hours from Paris. Explore the best of France where colors come alive and each sound is its own and find that there is more than Paris where history and beauty collides with luxury and authenticity to create memories for tomorrow.

Experiencing “Outside Paris”

- Take an escapade along the flowering towns and villages of the Champagne Route, stopping along the way to tour the caves and indulge in a bit of bubbly.
- Sail down the Canal in Bourgogne along the most beautiful waterways in France, for a weekend or week on a luxury houseboat, stopping along the way at memorable destinations to savor the sights and the local wines.
- Follow the legendary Bourgogne Grand Crus wine route with an expert to guide you to the finest caves, where you will explore the stunning chateaux where the civilization of wine is sustained and discover the art and passion of viticulture like you have never seen it before.
- Set out for a romantic jaunt around the picturesque and majestic Château de Fontainebleau, with a leisurely horseback ride around the neighboring castle grounds and the option of an overnight stay.
- Visit the stunning Mont Saint Michel, situated in the middle of the bay in Normandie and affected by the highest tides in continental Europe, with an Abbey church built by Benedictines even before the year 1000 dominating the mythical and romantic island offering a magnificent view over the bay.

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