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Best of Buying, From Fashion to Food

The city sings with the color of creativity and style turns every corner with a baguette and a beret and it is chic and glamorous and singularly French. The golden avenues and unassuming alleys flaunt jewels and sartorial gems that make Paris shine brighter and the sidewalks seem like catwalks because fashion here is mostly true not tried and it so it reflects individuality and with it identity and it is chic and glamorous and singularly French.
Shopping is a universe of its own and it comes in many shapes and we will take you through the most exclusive and wondrous realms, from high end to hidden, makeover to the deeper meaning and all the way out of the reaches of fashion and into the world of design and gastronomy and beyond.

Experiencing “Private Shopping”

- Discover the best of Paris boutiques with a personal shopping guide and VIP champagne welcome, from the high-end designers to the most discreet and obscure stores according to your taste.
- Enjoy a day focused completely on you and achieving a whole new look with a private consultation with a relooking consultant to give you an update on your wardrobe as well as your hair and makeup.
- Learn what your clothes say about you with a private consultation with an image expert, who will teach you how to project a desired image through your clothes.
- Let an expert in buying and dealing antiques and art take you directly to the best merchants and galleries, for guaranteed quality and none of the hassle.
- Follow your nose to the sumptuous smells of the magnificent markets and specialty gourmet boutiques that we introduce you to, where you can buy any imaginable regional delicacy and be amazed at the gastronomical wonders of the charming and obscure stores that harbor these delights.

And More…